A Story of Multiracial Life within the Black and White Divide

Marginal Eyes

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"A vivid, thought-provoking glimpse into uniquely multiracial life experiences."

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At the age of ten, Aaron’s childhood within a diverse community shifted abruptly when his family moved to small-town Indiana. There, racist mentalities stereotyped him for his multiracial features and heritage. Marginalized as a Black person within his new, overwhelmingly European-American community, he learned to hide parts of himself that were rejected, hoping to escape harsh racial prejudices. 

Driven by fear down a road to build a “pure” identity beyond others’ criticism, desperate to relieve the shame he felt about his own humanity, Aaron pursued varied and often extreme paths in politics, religion, artistry, and education. The utter brokenness, great generosity, and inner voice he met along the way brought with them the truth that his perfectly imperfect humanity was all he ever needed.
AARON DOUGLAS KELLER (author Aeryn Keller Africa-Ware) recounts the struggles, adventures, and lessons of his journey to self-remembrance, acceptance, and celebration in this revealing, surprising, and inspiring memoir on multiracial life in America accompanied by insightful social commentary. Along with renewed happiness and freedom, Aaron gained empathy for what so many of us grieve: inner clarity and peace we lost, when our nuanced humanity was covered by racism, religious ideology, nationalism, and other black-and-white mentalities. Aaron shares his story of trauma and addiction survival, as part of his escape from toxic US racial dynamics, along with insights he gained about safeguarding our humanity from inhuman forces in American culture.

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Thank you for your vulnerability and insightfulness. I was looking forward to this book because I expected it to be useful and thought-provoking. It went past that to transformative. I will be thinking over so many perspectives and concepts I have not yet examined fully enough. So thank you again for all of this." - Lori R.
Received my book today, began reading and don't want to put it down. Thank you for this book. Opens eyes. We all need sensitivity toward fellow man or woman, looking thru their eyes rather [than] our own which [are] stagnant from lack of growth and understanding. We all are ignorant from lack of knowledge and not realizing [we] need it." - Joanne B.
Aaron makes known the complex & intersectional life in which all mixed people exist. Until mixed people are able to have a narrative, we will struggle to understand where we fit into this world." - Erika G.

Readers treasure this unique multiracial memoir.

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“A Distinctly American Childhood”

An excerpt from Marginal Eyes, Chapter Four: My dad strapped me to his back and carried me to the top of the Indiana sand dunes; he taught me to play baseball in our backyard; he kept me active at the library and read with me

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“There’s Power in the Blood”

An excerpt from Marginal Eyes, Chapter Three: Their voices boomed, rolled, and penetrated the air with a strength only Gospel can have. Many in the pews were clapping, others were nodding their heads, and some stood and shifted their weight side to side, putting their

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“Separated from the Pack”

An excerpt from Marginal Eyes, Chapter Five: Despite ridicule coming so frequently, few incidents presented a choice as stark as one did during my sixth-grade year. On a Saturday afternoon, the nearby elementary school hosted a youth basketball game, and I attended it with a

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“. . . and Mike Pence’s office?”

An excerpt from Marginal Eyes, Chapter Eight: One of the male staffers, who quickly nicknamed me “AK” (as in AK-47), was the picture of a hardworking and socially adept political aide. He kept all hours to establish his place as a valuable asset in the

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“I’m Transcending It.”

An Excerpt from Marginal Eyes, Chapter Thirteen: “Stand against the trunk and spread your legs,” the officer behind me directed. As he grabbed me roughly around my mid-section to adjust my stance and started to pat me down, Tommy lit into them. “Hey, man, this

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“The Voice Within”

An excerpt from Marginal Eyes, Chapter Fourteen: I clambered to my feet and walked away from the group to sit alone in an austere bedroom down the hall. There I found a soft sleeping bag on the wood floor, and in the dark emptiness, I

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